Sabina Hasanova

Sabina Hasanova was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, within the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The dissolution of the union resulted in her fa- mily immigrating to Edirne, Turkey where they lived for the next 16 years. Growing up in a Rus- sian household, Sabina began playing piano at the age of 7, learning from her mother Olga Hasanova.

Sabina attended Trakya University State Con- servatory where she studied with her father Vasif Hasanov, a Soviet state artist and former student of Dmitri Bashkirov. During her studies she won 7 national and international competi- tions, played with orchestras as a soloist, and performed at numerous festivals in Turkey, Eu- rope, and the USA. Her international debut was at the Grand Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra at the age of 14.
In 2009, after receiving her Master’s Degree from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istan- bul, Sabina moved to Vienna, Austria. She stu- died with Professor Stefan Vladar at the Uni- versity of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, completing their Postgraduate Program. During this period she met violinist Jenny Lippl and saxophonist Miha Ferk with whom she formed Trio Klavis.
Trio Klavis has been praised for pioneering a new chamber music formation consisting of violin, saxophone and piano. The trio of- ten premieres original compositions written by themselves and other contemporary compo- sers. Their repertoire includes transcriptions and arrangements of works from the Classi- cal and Romantic eras to works of the second Viennese school. With her trio, Sabina has appeared at the Vienna Musikverein, Tonhal- le Zürich, St Petersburg Philharmonie, Gasteig Münich, Graffenegg Festival, Allegro Vivo, and Kissinger Sommer. Together they have toured through Europe, Asia and Africa. Trio Klavis re- ceived the Austrian Federal Chancellery Scho- larship for music, the Bank Austria Art Prize, and Austrian Musikfonds grant for their second album. As the guest ensemble for the Gustav Mahler Composition Competition in 2020, the trio received a broad library of new compositi- ons written for them by composers around the world and were asked to choose the recipient of a special “Trio Klavis Prize”. Sabina has re- corded two studio albums with Trio Klavis and is still actively touring with them.

At 15 years old Sabina took on her first piano students and has been teaching regularly ever since. In addition to teaching privately, Sabina taught at the Kafkas University State Conser- vatory and later held the Manager position at the Music and Arts Academy of the Amadeus International School Vienna. She continues to find both joy and inspiration in the teaching of professionals and new players, children and adults.
Sabina is also engaged as a film producer, illustrator and entrepreneur.
The award winning mockumentary Noseland (2012) was Sabina’s first production, featuring Sir Roger Moore, John Malkovich, Mischa Mais- ky and Julian Rachlin. Since then she has fil- med, edited, directed, and produced award winning music videos, films and live perfor- mance videos for online digital platforms, VOD and TV. Since 2019 she has led Music Tra- veler Productions, a film production company founded by Aleksey Igudesman and Hyung-ki Joo, as the company’s Chief Creative Officer.

Sabina is also an illustrator and her ongoing collaboration with Aleksey Igudesman led to her illustrations being published by Universal Edition, in Aleksey’s “Horoscope Preludes” for violin and piano, and to be featured in Igu- desman & Joo’s new book “Save The World”, published by Edition A. Sabina is currently working on a children’s book and interactive children’s game, both based on a character of her own creation.
Sabina was one of the founding members of Music Traveler, an online platform that con- nects musicians to private and commercial rehearsal spaces. Together with her ensemble Trio Klavis, Sabina is working to found Klavis Kollektiv, a new platform for releasing visual and auditory material, as well as a publishing house for original scores.